Sunday, June 28, 2009

Normal story..

Last night watched a orchestra concert in my college..not bad~all the music performed by the students actually learn within two years..have tat standard actually can say very good..Well done!!!
But actually on the way going to coll happened something make me very upset..tat stupid GUY make me very sad..he said i din tell him later i nit him come to fetch me back..but i remember i did lo..if not how i wan to go back?he said he want to go out not free..he wan went to a movie!!!just because want to go for a movie then not free come to pick me??the movie is more important than me?some more his cousin was in the car..i din talk to him in the car at all..he make me so angry..then when i get out from his car i closed the door very strongly.he know i angry but did he action??nth at all..he then gone..(i m thinking want to break up with him) ya..i m serious..he hurt me many times..i dun wan to let him hurt me one more times..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remind to all my beloved friends..

Friends..The H1N1 is taking more serious now..All of u have to take care of urself ok..?
my friend told me our college oredi have some students got infection..just try to get far away from those cough,sneezing,fever or those have symptoms of H1N1 person..if possible,please wear mask to think i will wear oso..^^
Take care anyway..

I really dun like he smoking lo..

Please la..y he cant stop to smoking leh?although he recently din smoking in front of me but i still really dislike he smoking ok..!!!


我看我就快疯了啦~为什么那么多assignment做叻?又刚好碰到要考试,时间怎样够用啊? 要烦assignment已经都不够时间了还怎样安排时间温习?而且才上那几个星期的课,课本又还没拿到怎么读书你们说?!而且assignment不止1份叻,是4份咯!!!头都快暴了还要烦考试,我们还真惨...T.T 看来不用多久我就会被送进精神病院了..大家珍重呗~ 加油咯~