Sunday, June 28, 2009

Normal story..

Last night watched a orchestra concert in my college..not bad~all the music performed by the students actually learn within two years..have tat standard actually can say very good..Well done!!!
But actually on the way going to coll happened something make me very upset..tat stupid GUY make me very sad..he said i din tell him later i nit him come to fetch me back..but i remember i did lo..if not how i wan to go back?he said he want to go out not free..he wan went to a movie!!!just because want to go for a movie then not free come to pick me??the movie is more important than me?some more his cousin was in the car..i din talk to him in the car at all..he make me so angry..then when i get out from his car i closed the door very strongly.he know i angry but did he action??nth at all..he then gone..(i m thinking want to break up with him) ya..i m serious..he hurt me many times..i dun wan to let him hurt me one more times..

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