Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh Please~

i am trying my best to change my attitude and as well as my temper, but please, you should too. a relationship is not only one side has to put effort in but both side have to corporate. what for if i only changing but you are not at all? where is your respectability to me? once i said i doesn't like you doing those stuff in front of me, i do really mean it. don't assume i am kidding with you ok? i need your respect and your caring but not just showing up how man you are! i don't care how big man you are but when you are facing to me, please please please, think about my feeling. i am not demand so much from you, but at least doing your role well when you are supposed to do. i really don't know how to communicate with you anymore. you are just too stubborn and only follow what you wanted but not thinking of me at all. is it so hard to maintain a good relationship? i hope i can handle it well but this is not only my problem, is ours problem. take it serious ok? i don't wish so every times we are quarreled i am the one who apologize but you just keep sitting there but not doing anything. please take some actions when i am not in mood. i have no idea why every times when i meet you i was feel like, so annoying. could you stop ruining my mood by doing those stupid stuffs in front of me? just a small demand on you, doesn't it so difficult? well..i really don't know what can i say about you. i am not mumble on you but please, please respect me and treat me well.

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