Saturday, June 25, 2011

my awful weekend =(

i had a bad weekend. how about u?
i got a toothache. a very serious toothache until my face swollen.
i visit dentist and he said my 'wisdom teeth' is growing.
am i suppose to be happy?? lol
he gave me some medicine to kill the pain. but it seem doesn't work so much because it is still a little pain. =(

besides than this, i am facing my toughest subject in this semester.
Malaysian Constitutions Framework and Policies
i totally dun understand what it's talking about. =(
because i never attend lecture class. sigh
and now i am doing this assignment and i am gonna burst!!
so here wanna take an opportunity to apologize to my dearest group mates,
if i did any mistake or the whole part i did is totally a shit, please forgive me. =(
i really dun know what i suppose to do. i am blurred at all!!!
so sorry my dearsss.. T.T

hate u 99

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