Saturday, August 28, 2010

i feel stress!!!!!!!!arghhhhhhhhhhhh

a very first time to feel like want to cry for my exam because of the stressful. i was so regretted not spend my time on doing revision but on other stuff. i hate the communication law subject because i was totally dun know what it talking about and when on my exam, i dun even have enough time to finish it.T.T i am sure that i gonna to spend extra RM80 to resit for this stupid paper. more than that, i have to face another paper that is enough to make me faint. i hate myself ar!!! for not concentrate when teacher is teaching in front but i keep on make noise at the back!! please bless me for the PRST paper..i dun hope to score A but at least a C..C ar~~~T^T
another 1 more paper..english~erm..whatever la~that 1 just try my best..
then i can enjoy my holiday~=)

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