Thursday, January 20, 2011

I wonder

i just posted a status on some where u know i know la
and i can't expect what will going happen on it
i am not coward, but who cares?

i just wanted to make a clear statement here

i am not pointing anyone or try to offense anybody
i just shared my view
so i BEG anyone of you please dun think i am talking about you
millions of thanks to say
but actually i know after i write this still have somebody who likes to think so much will think i am pointing him/her

some times i feel weird when i saw somebody took a picture and upload to whatever place la dun want to mention about it and write the caption something like 'I am so damn ugly!' 'This is my ugly face' 'I look so damn fake' or bla bla bla above the picture. and in my mind the first i will think is what's wrong with you? what is the point if you think you are ugly or look fake in the picture and still want to upload it and write those captions? you want others to agree with you or actually you just want to listen people comment on you about 'You are not ugly la you are so pretty' 'You are so leng lui' 'You are real at all time' or like 'You are the most beautiful in my heart' =.= something like this? you are getting people to praise on you or you want the people to agree with you that you look ugly? i am pretty sure no one dares to comment 'Yes you look so damn ugly in here' on the picture. so what is the MAIN point you do so? maybe, if you are really looks good in real and you write those captions there might some admirers will comment something encouraged but i really wanted to ask, if you think you are ugly or looks fake why you still want to share with people? aren't you feel proud or what else? of cause, i am not mean i am pretty or have a nice look or what but my Main Main Main point here is, the ugly i mentioned here are not the appearance of the features. what i mean is if you think that day you are not in good condition to take any photo due to some reasons like sick tired or you look swollen =.='' you can actually ignore to take any pics. but of cause this is your freedom to do so. erm, if you really want to take picture of your sick look tired look or whatever look can you please just capture it and save in your camera or phone? and not choose to share with public? okay, once again of cause this is your freedom to do so.

i am not sure whether people like to enjoy to see not-so-pretty things or what, but i am sure people more prefer pretty things. =)

Once again
these is just only MINE opinion towards it
i am not asking anyone to support me anyway
and i am gratefully appreciate your understanding

Have a nice day!

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