Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just random ♥

there is nothing special in this week and probably previous week
it was just simple and enjoy
first of all (like writing an essay lol)
my parent haven come back from Europe obviously *evil laugh*
so i still having my honeymoon to hang with my darlings
i michelle and wei yi went to watch a very freaking lame movie
please, warn you never go to watch this suck movie!
i have no idea why we will choose this movie =.=
maybe there is not much choices and we still in the mood to watch movie
so i guess i can use this word - FORCE to watch this movie
we thought this is a romantic love movie
but at the end
we get cheated! kns

at night
wendy was asking me out to have a dinner together
so i asked along michelle
wei yi followed too
and we were so fake
we acted like we happened to meet
but actually we were planned it before we met
so funny
and so lame

what i have done on Sat?
hmm i went to eat dim sum as brunch with my 2 darlings
then hang out to Taman Metropolitan park, Kepong
to capture photos
that is a part of Mic's assignment

then we act like a rich lady went to saloon to wash hair and massage
because whole day of sweating and not washing the hair in the morning
so take a break to relax =)

it was Bon Odori once a year
Wendy was asking us to go with her and jamie since jamie never went before
so it is my first time and probably last time
it was too hot and crowded people =(
and the foods over there are damn expensive!
a box of unagi rice is like 15 bucks
even more expensive than sushi king
and it just little bit not a big bowl
btw it was a good experience and good memories

nothing much to talk about last week

the most unhappy thing
my parent was finally came back from Europe
it is sooooooooo upset
how come 2 weeks are passing so damn fast??!!

but there is one happy thing
i finally meet my sis who never meet for 2 years plus
she came home on today

there are too many words
how about some pics to do the ending?
thanks for reading

Bon Odori

Bon Odori

Bon Odori

What Cafe

Currently my favourite picture

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