Friday, April 22, 2011

baby baby baby ohh

There is nothing special about this post. lol
i just want to show u everyone about my dearest intimate friend.
i know her since i was in kindergarden and we are even in same primary school and secondary school. we are so in fate right? haha.
i still remember when i in the age of kindergarden i have no friend at all. she is my only friend but somehow, she likes to bully me. =.=
she likes to make me cry and always threaten me by saying : 我不要帮你好! hahahaha
what means by 我不要帮你好?? lol
is so childish right? but i bet most of u have said this word to ur friend before lo. *laugh loudly*
but when i get bullied by others, she is also the only one to help me to fight back. she was just like a 大家姐last time. everyone scared on her. =.=
i like to talk to her. and i guess she is same thinking with me though. we are both so understanding on each other and she is only one person i can share all my secrets to. she will help me to release my upset and help me to solve my difficulties.
虽然我们不常见面, 可是在我心里你永远都是我最好的倾诉+诉苦对象.

*事业线 x)*

这天应该是我们认识那么久以来拍过最多照片的一次吧?? >.<
照片很blur 不好意思哦
用超便宜的电话 像素是这种quality的啦
反正有自拍功能 拍到blur也管它的

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