Tuesday, April 26, 2011

at least i stop that awhile

'that' which mean here is my boring. =.=
alright i mean it.

i was tooooooooo bored to stay at home and actually i have a dated to PD with my darlings but somehow, just dun talk about it. =(

and monday was not my monday blue!

because i went for a date with my sweetie.
some of u who reading my blog and know who is the sweetie that i mentioned here, please dun blame me for called her as my sweetie. =(
i know we have been gone through a lot of problems, or maybe i will say it as Misunderstanding, but all is gone. we shouldn't be so small gas right? =)
as we always said, new year new thing. forgot the past, welcome the new. =)
so, me and her still as good as last time. we are GIRLS. =) *am i right WY??*

i went a movie Rio with her at Pavilion and what else, chatime before the movie, and subway as our ending.
and most of the time, we are gossip. =)
i am not taking much photo with her but there is still few in her blog, may take a look although its quite ugly thou. i mean me. here
yeah. i killed my boring for the day.
and perhaps the following days?? =)

oh ya, 1 more thing.
my mom bought the Macaroons for us to taste. =)
it's so cuteeeeeeeeeee and i am not willing to eat it. =(
but wtd, i just captured it before we put it into our stomach.
and is soooo sweet.

see. is so cute right? and adorable. ^^

next time i will pay u a visit.
stay tuned. =)

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