Sunday, May 15, 2011


i have no idea why am i become so lala AGAIN
should i say again?
cause i think i became a lala since few years ago
this is what my family and friends comment about me last time
and now i am coming back to u-Lala =.= again

since i did tongue piercing
dyed my hair color to light gold color (actually is chinese tea color >.<)
i actually a 80% lala already
i myself dun even want to admit it but wtd?
it is the fact. =(

and there is one more proof to prove me getting more lala is
i went to perm my hair today. =(
what it called in english anyone knows?
in chinese call 玉米烫
i always think my hair is too thin and flat all the time
have to blow everytime before going out
if not my hair will totally look so flat
can u imagine a huge body with a small head?
so weird right?
and i am lazy to blow everyday though
so today i decided to perm it no matter in the raining weather

so please call me lion king now
with golden fur and big hair volume

so damn lala right? =(

with tongue pierce some more. =(

i actually not so likey to edit my photo but too bad there is too blur+too small mega-pixels on my camera. if i am not edited it u probably cant see my face at all. =(

but i am happy because i dun have to blow my hair everytime before i going out.
yeppy~ =D

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