Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's May!!

Finally it's May!
and is my birthday month. LOL
i have spent my holiday by going to Thailand with my mom and sis
it's my sis's company trip anyway
but there is some left seat so i and my mom followed too. haha
is a 4D2N trip or 3N?? because i was arrived home at around 1.30am in the next day. LOL
is quite tired though
because we keep walking and sleeping
and we are not enough rest =(

this is the first day i in the car. ignore my tired face. =(

i skip all those detailed parts okay.
it's first day in Thailand and after we checked in the hotel and take a shower, we went to this place, water market and our dinner place, a buffet at a 33rd floor hotel.

this is so called water market

there sell a lot of cute food over there. =)

and this is baked quail egg.

this ceramic cup can take home after drink. and i choose ultraman. LOL

can see what are these???

yes here is the zoom in.
i can't get to eat this. they said nice. =(

erm i have no idea what this inserts called.

i think it is bread-worm that normally we can see on the bread. =.=

don't believe i ate those?? here is the proof!!

and do trust me, there are not so bad like we thought. they just tasted like french fries. eat inserts can added protein to our body okay. i just dare to eat those small inserts but like this one, i am even not dare to touch it at all. yucksssssssss

it is super duper huge ok?! is it cockroach?? >.<

this is the scene took from our buffer dinner place.

after dinner, we went to Lee Garden for a walk.
and some of them went to massage but unfortunately my mom not follow them because she got her leg injured before the trip. =(
so we went back to our hotel and rest. =)

i forgot what we did on the second day. =.=
my mom and my uncle went to a temple which very far from our hotel to ask some wealth.
you know la, those uncles aunties very deeply love in this thing.
me and my cousin was doing nothing at all over there except than WAIT. =.=

few hours after they done, we head back to the pasar to do our last shopping.
and sorry guys, i am not buying any souvenirs because i have no much money on me. =(

i love our dinner on that day.
is a bbq buffet.
it was like Bar-B-Q plaza we often eat.
but this is slightly different because it is buffet and we can take as much as we like!!
we have to hurry because that day was quite a lot of people and if we late, there will be nothing much food to left. =(

meatssss bar.

desserts bar.

is it look too much? but this is not belong to us. x)

and either this.

only this small plate belong to us because mostly we put in to our stomach already. LOL

see how happy are we. =)))

we saw an elephant at the entrance!

so we all like crazy go to feed it non stop LOL it sure be very full

in the third morning, we went to pasar again to get some smoked-pork but so sad, all sold out.
and i am so so so so so upset because i bought a pair of shoes but there is 2 different size! i can't able to change because i can't find the shop. =(

so this is my Thailand trip.
simple but happy.
after a great moment, i am going to help my dad out start tomorrow. =((
he asked me to assist my sis on those forever-ever can't finish job in his office.
so say goodbye to my holiday and hi to my office-days.

stay tuned. =)

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