Monday, October 5, 2009

Secret Gather..^^(kekez)

Today have a secret gathering and also can called chit-chat gathering =) with a cute couple..i will mention them as mafan C and evil W..^^ from the first just only 3 person..god~we have served in the VIP room..just only 3 person inside which is us..==
We talked a lot..bla bla bla and many nonsense thingy..we did talk about some people 'bad stories'..and even many things we don't know last time.. weird..i have to change 2 languages..== talk to C use Cantonese but talk to W use
We recall back many things and just talk non stop..i have been ordered 2 cups of drinks and as same as them..but i so admire u W,i already went to toilet for twice but why u can just sit quietly over there??><
Not soon later,2 leng lui was joined us..leng lui M & W..we still keep talking non stop..== but W just keep quietly there..she listen we talk..^^
Then another human K joined us also..his car ar..once pass by everyone sure know is him..
Actually i with the couple already sit there since 12pm..then after that 3 person join in,we keep sitting there and continue chat until 5pm..== OMG~ my buttock very pain ok?
Ya..this is funny when gather together..we promise to have a another gathering ok?like this chit chat non-stop really funny~and no that place ANYMORE!many flies some more stop on our hair..what the~><
At your house ok next time??Evil W..^^

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Anonymous said...

who's that a??
why i don't know them de??
lol..ok ok..we wait for the next gather..:)

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